Dark Canyon Coffee

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Dark Canyon offers fresh, custom coffees unique to the Black Hills. Dark Canyon uses Arabica beans from small scale farmers around the world who get a fair price and who respect the land and environment. Dark Canyon’s skilled Roastmaster custom blends and roasts the beans to create artisan coffee across the flavor spectrum from light and bright to bold and hold….on to your hat!   We offer 16 ounce Bags (whole beans or ground), 8 ounce ground bags and 3 ounce in a variety of flavors and grinds.

Flavors Available are:


Fruity, earthy, baked green peppers, spice, good dry acidity, cedar and pleasant finish

Colombian Supremo

Grown high in the Medellin and Armenia ranges in Colombia,  these beans are typically washed and sun dried on patios of small farmers.  Medium, balanced beans offer a smooth, high caliber  cup of coffee to take you to the height of coffee heaven!

Big West Espresso

Medium blended espresso, with big bold flavor and a smooth, satisfying finish.

Milan Espresso

Light espresso blend mimicking the taste of the finest Italian produced espressos.

Dakota Roast Breakfast Blend (Regular and Decaf)

Breakfast Blend – medium body, nicely balanced w/ sweet acidity.

Highlander Grogg

Mexican Altura (which means heights) beans grow in the rich, volcanic soil high in Mexico’s central and southern mountain ranges.  Subtle notes of Butterscotch, French Vanilla and Irish Cream make this sweet, rich and nutty combination our most popular coffee.  Visitors often grab a pound or two of beans for the saddle bag!

Fireside Favorite

Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Hazelnut

Caramel Pecan

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